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tv   From Agadir To Dakar  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2018 9:00am-10:01am +03

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every day. and i'm down in jordan in doha with a quick reminder of the headlines here on al-jazeera a number of explosions have been heard near afghanistan's presidential palace off to a rocket attack the rockets are fired from outside the city as president ashraf ghani was speaking at an ied press ceremony on monday the taliban rejected an offer for a three month ceasefire and valid to continue its attacks against the government there are no reports of injuries. we know two people have been detained after bullets were fired towards the u.s. embassy in the turkish capital ankara six shots were fired from moving car early on monday morning between the gate and a security post nobody was injured in the attack. there is no difference
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between the direct attacks on our call to prayer in our flag and the attack on our economy the goal is the same the goal is to bring to heel turkey and the turkish nation to hold a captive we are nation that prefers to be shot in the nick rather than to be chained at the name. more than a million people are now living in temporary camps in the indian state of carola floodwaters have started receding allowing rescue workers to deliver aid to communities that have been cut off but they're also discovering more bodies the floods of killed around four hundred people and cause billions of dollars in damage and now health officials are trying to prevent the outbreak of disease. taiwan's president says her country will fight against what she calls china's increasingly out of control behavior sign when made the remarks just hours after el salvador's president sever diplomatic ties with taiwan and formally establish relations with beijing salvatore's the latest diplomatic alive taipei has lost this year only seventeen countries currently have diplomatic ties with taiwan agent brown has more
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from beijing. well this is another important symbolic diplomatic victory for china as it seeks to pick off one by one those countries that still have diplomatic relations with taiwan since zion when became president of taiwan in january two thousand and sixteen five countries have severed ties with taiwan el salvador now joining that lengthening list on tuesday taiwan's foreign ministry reacted angrily taiwan's foreign minister joseph who said that china was luring away taiwan's allies with promises of vast financial aid he said this was a game that taiwan was not prepared. to play well of course this all comes just as zion when has been on a stopover in the united states she'd been visiting billie's and paragliding two of the seventeen countries that still recognize taiwan she made a speech in the united states the first time
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a taiwanese leader has done that in ten years that upset the chinese and then lo and behold literally just a day later we learned that el salvador has decided to sever ties with taiwan now taiwan said that it knew what el salvador was planning to do in fact it had an idea this was going to happen back in june it a try to persuade el salvador not to do this but of course in the end it simply lost out in the inevitable bidding war with china there is now just one country in africa that has ties with taiwan that is swaziland and i think china would very much like swaziland to come into its orbit before early september because that's when president xi jinping will be hosting an africa china summit here in beijing venezuelan president nicolas maduro as new monitor of forms are now in place in a bid to control the country's economic crisis but many venezuelans are confused by
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the measures of several of the country's opposition parties have already called for protests more than two million venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries in the past three years those countries have started cracking down on venezuelan migrants seeking to cross the borders australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull has survived a leadership challenge by the as you mr peter dudley's. turnbull won the vote forty eight to thirty five doesn't resign as a minister after losing the vote turnbull had been under increasing pressure and was forced to make changes to his energy policy this week after members of his own party threatened to vote against it. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the al-jazeera world stage of that subject.
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a good deal here in southern morocco on the atlantic coast near the foot of the atlas mountains population around seven hundred thousand. industries tourism agriculture and fishing and major ports for exporting goods to europe and for imports into africa. camels no longer distribute produce the only effective network in this part of the world is the
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roads to places like dakar the capital of senegal. that it's. taking. roads and trucks hundreds if not thousands of them. drivers have to deal with the mechanics of huge engines and maneuver great monsters with eighteen tons mt over fourteen foot would need to. carry her through her in this film
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hollow to try to drive very under three thousand kilometer journey from a good dealer to dakar. to beat i now needed help to make last minute repairs to his vehicle to get it's ready for the outward trip which might take as longest. two weeks. driving sketch and the suspect turns out time. for nine. days could be sets off in the dark and heads off towards the coast road that will take him first to the southwestern border of morocco. but how this could be it is not. easy getting there struck by impact. and the two go follow one another for the full three thousand kilometers to dakar to the mall and then the on off.
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ibrahim and i have to make their first stop before dawn to grab some fresh food from our normal. lives. a lot of the lot of it was. only to me you. see. me anybody know that her death. has gifts but i it was good to reflect. for there will be times in the next few days when they will miss not only their families first also the simple comforts of even this modest roadside cafe. one of. the most you have a kid in the well i'm not. we
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saw it saw him. win it but he and i have this could be your set off they can't always tell their families how long they'll be away such is the unpredictability of the journey ahead . for them to save us. and i didn't feel. causing a. lot of shit gee. i didn't mean it in that. this is not like truck driving across the united states for long distances are common but where ours are controlled by federal law.
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it's not like driving in europe with its titrate condition and vehicle monitoring systems measuring driver time activity. this is driving it so hard i think. there are no motorway service station no twenty four hour s.o.'s vehicle recovery no spare parts at the end of a mobile phone. call but i. would see. the sheer multiple ways pistol. or that's. all done to make it seem
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a bit but it's all that i know it. joe know we all did want. driving hours don't seem to be regulated and there are no rest areas. painted on this trip is mineral material but whatever they're carrying they can't really leave the vehicle for security reasons. they also have to refuel when they pass a service station as there be huge distances to head with nothing but deserts hour after hour. i did could be as makes himself comfortable for the night as best he can inside the cab.
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ibrahim's has discovered that it's higher on one of his trader wheels has picked up a slow puncture before he crosses the desert he has to get it fixed when he comes across a roadside becoming. you
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know if they're not. alive today. we're in the city in the world it's cool idea and . that's. really good if that's. what the judge told the fish negatives in this one that it's. we haven't missed the head if you mean the end of the make up at the wheel but i got a shot of those below that. we'll see who's live fish want to look at the past look at the fair. and look pale blue shirts. she always name occasional
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i was lucky. enough not to i would not know it's lights out if you know it wasn't you know going to miss the name of the end. up at the thought of going to a show. and then the she had another good some. middle of. the woody deal. or that stuff that's what has. its own stuff and up i'm not i'm not a show for you. but what about their interview.
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did you have even if you missed it. was all about giving up but i had. a loss of. life and you know. what i said. i did represents. the idea for the idea. that's what will throw us out lol it's an awful lot still subtle for us a little shout. out was odd but yeah the show all the ball. at the
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bottom of the number of the mother. that's. the one. who i disagree with figured out. because for sure i'd love to see as i could be a good one to. one who just wanted to do. there's a lazy of all the time now with her little soft little to get a. little sister for their fill of it all. i did was to say. that. in the us a driver can be at the wheel for up to eleven hours out to fourteen in europe the rules are tighter the daily maximum is normally nine hours but brakes have to
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be taken every four and a half hour and the rest should be enough in our heads. but this is the moroccan. as he told his friend in the caffeine there is no longer. a. it's in the past. the nest. but no i was. asked and asked if he thought. much steve as you can edit the. one i got you know i've got a job. that is within nasa was on a force of good quality to do when i was. in bed and not in another little house no so what about somewhere else in a fa├žade lot of those the looking just looks. good good and out in the others a mission. of g.-d. of one of the little mob but i have it out of luck but i don't see the. look i
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would see sense of. sadness yes and asked what i've got i'm going to say. i'm going to put up one of the spots in philadelphia. that's how i would get out of. the studio costs. it's al. good i'll give the child. a look a lot in the good she when i was looking through that's just the shit but i mean didn't you know i needed to get that she starts you want to see what's left of. the fish really and i was the. one that was being pursued obvious to me she. said to him that. this minute jennifer i think that it can feel good mission. to be off. scratch get me.
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i didn't compete and back here are now driving over an area known as questioning tara. it has been a disputed territory. between iraq old and what's called the polis are your friends since one nine hundred seventy five. the un has maintained a peacekeeping mission in western sahara a territory about the size of new zealand for twenty seven years. u.n. efforts have repeatedly failed to broker a settlement over the disputed territory which the polisario says belongs to the finale people. morocco controls ninety percent of the territories including its three main town boats and insists its energy go part of the kingdom while polisario demands
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a referendum on self-determination through. the two drivers have now reached the southwestern corner of the disputed territory near a small town called got outs where there is a un buffer zone but which is effectively the border crossing into mauritania. over one hundred eighty thousand travelers pass through here every year tourists visiting west africa and africans heading to morocco and europe. as a hotspot for smuggling and illegal immigration the wait here can be lengthy they claim to inspect over thirty thousand trucks and cars here every year. for ibrahim i have to be it it's an unwelcome bottleneck and they have no idea how long the visa procedure vehicle inspection and people work will take hours days or even.
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the drivers are also concerned for their safety as there has been violence here in recent years. and i. have no alternative but to wait in a makeshift bedroom where there's no food and drink other than what they've brought with them and that is approaching. zero. she must not. lose if you. don't know what services are looking and i'm the one who made it or. what did. you shoot on walkers. over the muck of c.m. preview. of
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a somewhat of an up and city getting challenge losing the seymour hoffman scene who govern the. whole lot of the movie love the you know that's kind of as none of. the homes of a mill woman and the mother of those never do one of the i know it's usually not tended it was not either hampshire the way they wanted it done. most remarkable or what i'm going to give them. a lot more. and oh for me with hardly the us is the most assumed that's what our son took it wasn't. that it was new made over the years and more that. it. should just. move the mood.
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of the only innocent of the city in this house to. the service sheet of this it. should be someone who's i'm sure says in one's whole book or less of. it is that it was just in the works of the shitty almost all of the not so mean as most of. the kids oh sure ok and a lot of them saw it all but it was their traditional. or partner. who will need to do is tell you look it up that. you just believe this is. the deliver the goods but there was the other woman she did it this is the next you know i'm starting to walk away from what you did you may need more than one on to the inserts change issue need usual signal of who
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you want short usual who are with you know where that itch she didn't underdone to leave use it was the. question was mention wasn't to much of the more to do or harm other to the only bit of the editor or council of nicaea thing will not be another for them to see another on the spot more volatile more understanding or going on the ninety nine don't want to smear slaughter will show the tissue of more money and talk to her mother and me than we do in the heat from. the apartment if not impossible yet on. our meds and of course none of them has a. carton of our own set of outlets on the net yet.
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another op ed in the command in us all of them one off. of. all. ages. he was initially educated in or when you can help and. it's not looking good for the two drivers who have no idea when or if they'll ever get over the border into mauritania. whether they're managed to cross the river into senegal or.
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whether he'll quit truck driving all together. in another one of the four going to the court as of us in the media was a lot of shock and all these ships. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. al-jazeera
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fluent in world news a new year and you can many new developments from this chinese villages fledgling democracy the village committee has retrieved people's land but approval is fleeting frustration grips the villagers and as the saga began over a year before revolt is in the air full circle. part for a six part series filmed over five years to catch china's democracy experiment on which is iraq. and then reported wealth on i j z the u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed tonight case one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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and i'm down in jordan and how the quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera a number of explosions have been heard near afghanistan's presidential palace after a rocket attack the rockets were fired from outside the city as president ashraf ghani was speaking at a prayer ceremony on monday the taliban rejected an offer for three months ceasefire valid to continue its attacks against the government there are no reports of injuries. the trade war between the u.s. and turkey is now escalating turkey's fall a complaint with the world trade organization over u.s. tariffs on steel in alimony in imports donald trump all that a doubling of tariffs earlier this month after turkey refused to release an american pastor who's been detained for nearly two years the turkish government
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retaliated with tariffs on some u.s. imports if. there's no difference between the direct attacks on our call to prayer in our flag and the attack on our economy the goal is the same the goal is to bring to heel turkey and the turkish nation to hold a captive we are nation that prefers to be shot in the nick rather than to be chained at the name. more than a million people are now living in temporary camps in the indian state of carola floodwaters have started receding allowing rescue workers to deliver aid to communities that have been cut off but they're also discovering more bodies the floods have killed around four hundred people and caused billions of dollars in damage now health officials are trying to prevent the outbreak of disease taiwan's president says her country will fight against what she calls china's increasingly out of control behavior sighing when made the remarks just hours after el salvador's president sever diplomatic ties with taiwan and formally establish
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relations with beijing el salvador the latest diplomatic allied taipei has lost this year only seventeen countries currently have diplomatic ties with taiwan venezuelan president nicolas maduro has new reforms are now in place in a bid to control the country's economic crisis but many venezuelans are confused by the measures and several of the country's opposition parties have already called for protests australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull has survived a leadership challenge by the home affairs minister peter duncan's turnbull won the vote forty eight to thirty five that resigned as a minister after losing the vote those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera world stage and that's watching by foot. i describe it i now and it but i have to be are driving their trucks needed with
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minimal material three thousand kilometers through the deserts from a good year in southern morocco to this in a good nice capital the car. the trip passes through on hospitable to rain not least the disputed territory of western sahara. they had to wait the east to cross the border into mauritania without food or much to drink spent most of their money on visas and exit permits and still have a thousand kilometers to travel. they're finally allowed to cross the border and get on their way but mauritania is not their favorite section of the route. they're going to spend a lot of money in this area is good enough has been to the brim if you're going to be i would have sold this i will give it out
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a lot of the bill of goods and of see this look at the video and almost. we're never going to get them out of us and i did if. they want to give the money back another couple bucks and look at that what i did a good positive they did a mother is a good good scholars. have a nice bust up with all of us in five years if you had to just not think like this yes no yes some of us money old sheets of my flock a lot of a lot of interest quite a bit. above also what a cynic of history of fifty seventy or at the mouth of these other one of the five . doesn't seem to get it. exam no madam molly your kids am no matter how nice or how cocteau mom i mean i don't. know when a modern family's mom. oh
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i got so hot seat gov always it almost but i got my watch i got a got something. there was. this i wasn't aware you an idea. i never becomes you and i'll consider the coverage of. it can also to learn that. i think of it all. but i can tell you if i was the guy was on my way about to deliver the money for that he would conduct charges and. that's all i'm out of all this year the. next mock up of what i want about not to leave for a spot. in the nest and all. it would be easy to manage it and offer to buy those must buy.
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new much of it is the capital of the retail and with a population of around six hundred and sixty thousand one of the largest cities in the sahara. it has a deep water points to international airports history museums and beaches. atop this could be had in the past have now been on the route for he never seems and are not in the tourist. they're going to. the rest of the journey through
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mauritania is an event. as the two drivers meet their way two hundred kilometers talk. on the border with senegal. population around fifty thousand is the third largest city in mauritania but has no bridge across the synagogue river. the two forty six ton trucks can only cross on the tiny ferry one at a time. ibrahim and i did have been up since the early hour worth and the stresses of the journey are starting to take their toll especially during ramadan. and f.i.f.a. i have a photo of. south africans that's what the russians had among the other moment and i. got to know are
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jews going to forget. that it's cloudy and difference there is a lot of good and elements of the children will mature feel good meal get some power some a lot though. just. before i says that should end because. some no unless you know what i'm mocking i'm of the. all of hello and a whole other level. but crossing the border into senegal is not as easy as the two drivers had hoped to get seriously did need a customs and immigration waiting for peepers getting information from there should be. talking to their boss back and i could see. and waiting for their process or exit. and they missed their families.
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although some of us. all how much it cost to put on a lookout for them and sit on. the bottom of the kyoto protocol. both could use a good school. schedule. sort of like. a food which most of the other people. one of our border swiped at. the same actually. held up ok i can look it up also over the cultural to the so. i'll list that kind of. stuff. well she wants to go to the local squash crowd at
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the food. and the last one a lot of little salt. senate. isn't out long. either one of them. against no one it is an odd law. that there is a. i don't. want boy. yet i want that's it i shut the door not come to dinner and now comes a. lot of. not all good city new mom it's also clear incentives make up so i know. a lot about applying to look up the local copy of the it. doesn't. obviously got
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the object that got the guy towards it and it's. another costs in a court to study awards sort of bottom without seeing the bottom and i thought that wasn't the case didn't it we're going to france and exactly and. i'm not saying what i did when i didn't offer you. one subpoena him and how this could be it got through customs it was around one hundred kilometers from ross on to the senegalese port of san leave on that santa coast. from there it's another three hundred and thirty kilometers south to the capital of the car their final destination. sandy leaves was the first french that cement in the region in the seventeenth century. it's at the mouth of the snake oliver and has a population de steve of around one hundred and eighty thousand.
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by the time the two drivers arrived in santa read it was already dark but they pressed on towards the capital. signal had the love of the summer luck than others and you know i love the mother. in the want to take control of the others but i've got as a bit of the zone but it. or low have. but i call your audience you have no absolute of a world of. peace and the more you go the rights lawyer. forces ruled over them so to only. does what it does with dog look it's getting better but i thought we dug a little hole have a. house party come up all right. and
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there's some good men the complex but. the careful any deadly thing is that it. will lead to. the grim occasional worse. lot of snow cadia. we going to leave here that leaky quickies if it gets me alive or dead men are going to realize their immediate. costs. and look at the cost i think out of you said yes no one. gave me an incentive we'll look at one of the it's an end survey and you know why they go. and do love but i thought if that's that's a lot. of why the models on the. double i'm
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doing i do know other than the can be a little you know who are on the dock out of shot last. couple of claim on me and she our of us out to the field but once i think you know more than half of it but you know the flow of the ocean just shown a sample. of the. fine in dakar three thousand kilometers and over two weeks on the road but that's not it they're supposed to unload their trucks though it's not unusual for there to be a two lane. in fact the drivers don't under the control gurney the. next morning and then have to get ready to collect a new boat of fresh produce to transport back to morocco. the
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shipping agent seems to have the range for it brahim and i have. to pick up a consignment of mangoes but the fruit isn't yet ready for connection. this is really very circular the a mock up officers. are one of the innocent to get it with certain words a good image of risk reward system goodness of the. guts which i guess it's not so it's all mopping what was scandalous you had the good woman walking molly accused of some a bit of home discipline dealing with that shit now this is a plot was how this one was the first come off child was full of holes. so it's when you want to get them off without serious looks likes to have the. office. the next day the two
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drivers make their way to the warehouse where the mangoes are being packed and both get ready to go. for fresh produce like mangoes the trucks need to be refrigerated for the journey across the desert back to morocco. but the bright he has discovered there's a problem with the refrigeration on his truck it keeps cutting out and he can't figure out why. while he checks again i did could be because the whole it's company for advice on how to fix that's. a good. thing. that. i know if i've ever been. to. the. most fundamental sea of the modern i'm.
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nothing. but the moment give us give a little did you miss the white. snow at the time she face it lets you think it was she said she jumps or did you. want to step in to see the thought of being measured even while the amount of home was suffering you know that say what i want others that i think that it will be a mosquito she did not say will you have the lot to feed you and i didn't get shot . so it's a definite say which. shows you that gets off your doesn't miss me. when i get to the second coming up with a nice live set a comin that might have extension but will. have them up some seven this in the stomach about a squirt bottle via credit in the world of. the supper five on us but no i think we'll have a. school uniform it's got
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a phase. and i don't mind the deal. omotola no i didn't do such as you i thought you had committed some one of us but in as even fifteen minutes. in another one of these going to forget about it i would hazard for i see them on one of the seats a lot of sound public in the movies michigan. i mean i'm about to get them up you get a pub last i did it but i think it was i don't feel any montage because you know i guess who's been a cause and what must i do you alone once had a give me a bit tentative about as good but i've lost so. now we're alone was introduced to a low level something's messed up you've been in the bottom oh come i just know. no but i could move from the one of can which i'm going to be alone except. of the mother goddess going to them she looks and the other she is moving with the status
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of some of the other things you know she kind of those who just committed one didn't know kind of a month but she going to she. did when i was you know. question which is enough. so the more. that they have to look she knew. and yes democracy is there. if our movie got a bad of out of this much if what i've got to make a model of or good plus a markup by less of the mischief. it was a mother that everybody could do to us and there i love the she had. the sunni god . you get no stiction with us you know. it was my hell. yes i mean you had the most interesting stuff so you all wanted to share.
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up in it of all places and bit of articles of. i don't know more look here oh. my yes. you had to go there and get it. ibrahim stops at the police checkpoint and then pulls over as it's evening and he needs to be fast. he's travelling empty and this part we across mauritania speech up front that could be to his truckload of mangoes back at the border with senegal. so i don't. feel the who does it the hoke. most of. the whole of the. body i'm a but i'm
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a muslim most of which will have you seen a coke with. sure we'll use it to smoke a most bodies and mostly on the. present though a. lot of thought michael. you know the law says a lot of us here is not and wow. i did could be that manages to get through customs to mauritania i didn't have that here comes a time to come to know about a small part of the world cup. but it can seem so long but that's how most of the filing of american values the flag on. the roots in the latino on graph compares with morocco and seen in college that
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often these problems with it's higher it's. you know what else was about ninety. minutes up and i want to know that they're going to sway the modeling. behavior needed to do what i did. that very good. amount of money. as i would love that but it's not going to let it go. on as you know did oh there's . never going to run out i can't buy in a locked door of thought of it gives all the fires in the bottom up out of the other side steve. acoma guys bass i've been on both said that all of the. two of them are asked that the token must be to the end. so i don't mean deal but i k that's what i don't want to start up a super would cause a fatal muzzles in the bottom of all what you call with addiction that they see through stop it no question borowitz zero zero zero thing always gets i don't know if he has such a book much will just he has a lot i need not be funny or that it's
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a bad seed tell you what solutions. the way she looks the way you had the head of a phone book out of us are you a fucking idiot funny. enough time of the morning to be as you have been notified looking down the minute. i was in a dental. an elevator are not going to come out of one of a kind of a i thought idea here not going to guess what i'm going to have and good luck and no. windows it was a dip on independent that's going to matter man did it because it had it. as any of those i'm. given i'm still a little bush and the. see it a little while push. governments and i think it helps for us all a good job of going to mccain and got the man out i'm assuming.
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the two drivers are still travelling separate but now well on their way through western sahara and back on moroccan tarmac in touch with each other and back in touch with their families. some of them have been cheated out of my mother did you know somehow with the you know kennedy is. the only other one i'm about to model off and something else i want mom and i love to fish for show which gets to the t.v. for a dba hot sweaty idea of fifty four cups of i do i should have to form almost. a lot on the mat. council has and so. i'm going to get. at the. good of the not to emend. order that i don't spam kids who are then to pick up. the pioneer to get more money
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it's i don't know how. they're going to one of them on a virtual reverend show about how to stop. the election i'm not going to share. some of the most for the so listen this year has. a stab in the even though what would you. do i took the bus given the bomb and i won't. know what of now my mother's going to shout. i'm going to get. them. unless you don't offer. them an out of the fear. system a minute. some get us. nowhere.
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near any mechanical birds. even if to pick up things can be used to create or independence comes true. and feeling respect for the tough life indeed. is on the move on the new counts fighting to keep pounding in the house and the heat on the roads every day of their working lives. and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty years his disappearance remained tragic
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in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi his downfall in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished in. and out to syria. where every. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on
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al-jazeera. hello and welcome back to international weather forecasts where across lavonne we are watching the trend for more dust coming into the forecast in many cities here so with the north westerly winds a circle with your forecast map as we go towards tuesday because quite city going to be seeing forty seven degrees temperatures going to hover into the high forty's over the next few days but we do expect to see your visibility begin to come down as more dust comes into the atmosphere up towards baghdad item to there of about forty five in baku not really looking too bad you had some rain showers push through with the temperature going from twenty nine to about thirty two degrees as we go towards wednesday down here across really down towards doha we are looking at some more humidity coming into the forecast unfortunately it is going to be feeling a little bit more uncomfortable over the next few days so a high temperature on tuesday about forty one degrees but the trend is temperatures
9:59 am
coming down humanity is beginning to come up as well with a high temperature there of about forty four down from scott all the way down across parts of coastal oman we are seeing those clouds hovering there so low of a temperature for you about twenty seven and then very quickly making our way down here towards the southern regions of africa we are watching one from a boundary that has pushed through a lot of clouds pushing into the area i keep them with the temperature view of about fifteen degrees and partly cloudy skies. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera is a self-proclaimed messenger of god painting millions of devoted but his path to enlightenment involved the rape and abuse of his followers when he used
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investigates the fall of one of india's most powerful spiritual gurus on al-jazeera . rockets fired afghanistan as a presidential palace the president delivers an even message. welcome to al-jazeera life the headquarters here in doha also coming up making its anger official turkey complains to the world trade organization about u.s. tariffs as president one labels them an attack on his country also struggling to celebrate inside the camp where hundreds of thousands of syrians are marking unsure what the return home and taiwan no longer exists for another country el
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salvador drops its diplomatic record.


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